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Burkina army told to hand over power   The African Union (AU) has given Burkina Faso's military a two-week deadline to hand power to a civilian ruler or face sanctions   Burkinabe army 'to hand over power'   Burkina Faso's military has said it will install a transitional government, days after it seized power as President Blaise Compaore's resign... Burkina Faso: Military divided over who rules Mali PM Cheik Mobido Diarra arrested by army   The prime minister of Mali has been arrested as he tried to leave the country for France, officials say   Cries of 'coup' after court ruling in Egypt   The Muslim Brotherhood warns that Egypt faces 'dangerous days' ahead, after the supreme court calls for parliament's lower house to be dissolved Suspected coup bid in Guinea-Bissau  Soldiers in Guinea-Bissau have arrested the outgoing Prime Minister, Carlos Gomes Junior, in a suspected coup bid Mali coup leaders 'to stand down'  Coup leaders in Mali have agreed to stand down and allow a transition to civilian rule, as part of a deal struck with regional bloc Ecowas   African Union adds to sanctions in Mali  The African Union will impose more sanctions on the country, after the Economic Community of West African States slapped with restrictions Mali neighbours to mull sanctions Coup leaders unveil a new constitution Mali coup leader 'is in control'   Renegade soldiers declare coup in Mali
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B. 2017-11-15 Army seizes power from Mugabe Harare, Zimbabwe
C. 2017-05-14 Ivory Coast Army 'to restore order' after mutiny Ivory Coast
D. 2017-01-07 Ivory Coast defence minister freed by mutinous soldiers Bouake, Ivory Coast
E. 2015-09-21 Burkina Faso army reaches capital to quell coup Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
5. 2015-09-17 Burkina Faso coup sparks deadly street protests Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
G. 2015-05-14 Burundi coup bid: Mutineer general says plot has failed Burundi
2015-05-13 Burundi coup bid: President Nkurunziza's return 'thwarted' Burundi
I. 2014-11-03 Burkina army told to hand over power Burkina Faso
9. 2014-11-02 Burkinabe army 'to hand over power' Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

  Ivory Coast Army 'to restore order' after mutiny  Ivory Coast's military says it has launched an operation to 'restore order' after three consecutive days of protests by mutinous soldiers   Ivory Coast defence minister freed by mutinous soldiers   Mutinous soldiers in Ivory Coast have released the country's defence minister after detaining him for two hours in a standoff over pay Burkina Faso army reaches capital to quell coup   Burkina Faso coup sparks deadly street protests   Presidential guard officers in Burkina Faso have seized power in a coup, with reports of more than 10 deaths amid protests in the capital, O... Burundi coup bid: Mutineer general says plot has failed  One of the renegade generals who tried to seize power in Burundi says he recognises that their attempt to overthrow the president has failed Burundi coup bid: President Nkurunziza's return 'thwarted'
  Army seizes power from Mugabe Map of Harare Zimbabwe

year 2017 Top ^

Nov.15   Zimbabwe
  Zimbabwe's military leaders have seized control of the nation, placing veteran leader Robert Mugabe under house arrest
 Troops were reportedly stationed at the country's parliament and presidential palace. The military was in control of state TV in Harare, there was a significant army presence at the international airport
May.14   Ivory Coast
Jan.7   Ivory Coast

year 2015 Top ^

Sep.21   Burkina Faso
Sep.17   Burkina Faso
May.14   Burundi
May.13   Burundi
  Pierre Nkurunziza's attempt to return home to tackle a coup has failed and he has returned to Tanzania where he was attending a summit

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.3   Burkina Faso
Nov.2   Burkina Faso
Oct.31   Burkina Faso

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.10   Mali
Jun.14   Egypt
Apr.13   Guinea-Bissau
Apr.6   Mali
Apr.3   Mali
Apr.1   Mali
Mar.28   Mali
Mar.24   Mali
Mar.22   Mali
  Armed soldiers walked through damaged presidential palace, after the troops' leaders claimed to have ousted the democratically elected leader
Mar.21   Mali Mutineers in Mali palace attack

year 2011 Top ^

Feb.12   Egypt   Egypt army vows civilian handover
  Military authorities have pledged to oversee a transition to civilian rule, a day after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak

year 2010 Top ^

Feb.18   Niger Military coup ousts president
Map of Niamey Niger
  The president has been captured after a gun battle. The country was now being led by a the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy

year 2009 Top ^

Mar.16   Madagascar Opposition leader claims mandate
  Andry Rajoelina said he has a mandate to lead a transitional government, hours after troops stormed one of the president's palaces

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.23   Guinea Coup leaders name council  Coup leaders trying to seize power following President Conte's death have named a 32-member national council to run the country   Guinea Coup as president dies
  An army captain announced what appeared to be a military coup, but the prime minister later said the government was functioning
Aug.6   Mauritania   Rengade officers stage coup  Army officers upset with overtures toward Islamic hard-liners staged a coup, overthrowing the first government to be freely elected in 20 ye...

year 2005 Top ^

Aug.3   Mauritania Officers 'seize power'
  Army officers have announced the overthrow of President Ould Taya and creation of a ruling military council

year 2004 Top ^

Mar.8   Zimbabwe   Jet seized with 'suspected mercenaries'
  Authorities have taken 64 people into custody and seized a U.S.-registered jetliner carrying military material

year 2001 Top ^

Jan.7   Ivory Coast Dissident soldiers seize radio station  Loyalist forces had defeated their coup attempt

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