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  'Deadly strike' in Syria's Aleppo   Violence is continuing in Syria, with opposition activists saying that a warplane may have killed as many as 25 people in a strike in Aleppo...   Video: Syrian rebels execute Assad loyalists Map of Aleppo Syria  A video appears to show anti-Syrian government rebels capture Syrian militias, brutalize them and then shoot them Warlord gets 14 years for using child soldiers   The International Criminal Court handed down its first-ever sentence, Thomas Lubanga convicted of using child soldiers and turning them into...   ICC talks over surrender of Gadhafi son  The International Criminal Court is having 'informal conversations' about the surrender of Saif al-Islam, who is wanted for crimes against h... Grave may hold 1,200 bodies Map of Tripoli Libya  A mass grave thought to hold the remains of more than 1,200 victims of a 1996 massacre at Abu Salim prison has been found in Tripoli Woman guilty of genocide and rape  A women's ex-minister Pauline Nyiramasuhuko has been sentenced to life for her role in the genocide and the rape of Tutsi women and girls   ICC probes Gaddafi rape charges   The chief prosecutor says there is evidence that Libyan leader ordered the rape of hundreds of women as a weapon against rebel forces   Gadhafi troops attack Misrata hospital   The coalition air effort to halt the Libyan government's attacks on civilians continued into Thursday for a sixth day U.N.: Congo sex attacks exceed 500 Map of Uvira Congo
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Crime Main Event: Syria's Saydnaya prison cr...
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B. 2017-11-02 IS 'executed' 741 civilians during Mosul battle - UN Mosul
2. 2017-06-08 Mosul battle: IS kills 230 fleeing civilians, says UN Mosul
2017-05-15 Syria's Saydnaya prison crematorium hid killings, says US
E. 2016-12-12 Aleppo battle: UN chief warns of 'atrocities' Aleppo
F. 2016-11-16 Children's hospital hit in deadly Aleppo strikes
G. 2016-10-01 Aleppo bombing shuts largest hospital
H. 2016-09-28 Sudan government accused of using chemical weapons in Darfur Darfur
8. 2016-06-23 Congo arrests group over child rape South Kivu, Congo

  Aleppo battle: UN chief warns of 'atrocities'   UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced alarm 'over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians' in Aleppo Children's hospital hit in deadly Aleppo strikes Aleppo bombing shuts largest hospital Sudan government accused of using chemical weapons in Darfur Congo arrests group over child rape ICC urges S Africa to arrest Sudan leader Boko Haram kills at least 43 people in the town of Gubio   Islamic State: Militants 'kill 300 Yazidi captives' Map of Tal Afar Iraq  Several hundred Yazidi captives have been killed in Iraq by Islamic State (IS) militants west of Mosul, Yazidi and Iraqi officials say Bodies found in Boko Haram town Boko Haram kills about 45 people in attack on Nigerian village Barrel-bombed Aleppo 'living in fear' 'Ethnic slaughter' in South Sudan Rwandans begins week of mourning Chadian troops 'kill eight' in Bangui Assad forces 'starving' refugee camp Barrel bombs 'kill dozens' in Aleppo Strike on Syria market 'kills 21' Thousands dead in South Sudan violence, UN says   Syrian rebel 'beheaded in case of mistaken identity'   An al-Qaeda affiliated rebel group in Syria is reported to have asked for forgiveness after beheading a fellow rebel in a case of mistaken i...   Syria: U.N. team comes under sniper fire Map of Moadamiyet al-Sham Syria
  IS 'executed' 741 civilians during Mosul battle - UN  At least 741 civilians died in 'execution-style killings' by Islamic State militants during the battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul, the UN ... Mosul battle: IS kills 230 fleeing civilians, says UN Syria's Saydnaya prison crematorium hid killings, says US Map of Saydnaya Damascus Syria

year 2017 Top ^

Nov.2   Mosul
Jun.8   Mosul
May.15   Damascus
  The Syrian government has constructed a crematorium at a military prison to dispose of the remains of thousands of murdered prisoners

year 2016 Top ^

Dec.12   Aleppo
Nov.16   Aleppo
Oct.1   Aleppo
Sep.28   Darfur
Jun.23   Congo

year 2015 Top ^

Jun.13   South Africa
May.26   Northern Nigeria
May.2   Mosul
Mar.20   Northern Nigeria

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.20   Nigeria
Apr.27   Aleppo
Apr.21   Southern Sudan
Apr.6   Rwanda
Mar.30   CAR
Mar.9   Damascus
Feb.2   Aleppo

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.28   Aleppo
Dec.24   Southern Sudan
Nov.15   Aleppo
Aug.26   Damascus
  U.N. inspectors appear to have reached one of the areas of an alleged chemical weapons attack outside the Syrian capital

year 2012 Top ^

Sep.3   Aleppo
Aug.1   Aleppo
Jul.10   Congo

year 2011 Top ^

Oct.28   Libya
Sep.25   Libya
Jun.24   Rwanda
Jun.8   Libya
Mar.23   Libya

year 2010 Top ^

Sep.7   Congo
  U.N. officials on Tuesday put the number of rapes and other sexual attacks in eastern Congo since late July at more than 500
Jul.21   Chad   Chad rules out arresting Sudan leader  Chad's government has said there can be no question of Omar al-Bashir, being arrested during his current visit to the country Mar.27   Congo DR Congo rebel massacre is uncovered   Evidence of the massacre of at least 321 people by Lord's Resistance Army has been uncovered

year 2009 Top ^

Oct.6   Uganda Rwanda genocide suspect arrested   Police in Uganda have arrested and extradited IIdephonse Nizeyimana who is among the most wanted suspects from the Rwandan genocide Jul.31   Nigeria Row over militant killing
Jul.3   Libya African Union in rift with court

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.18   Tanzania Trio found guilty of Rwandan genocide
  The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on convicted Theoneste Bagosora, 67, the 'mastermind', and sentenced him to life in prison Nov.11   Congo Looting, rapes as peace fades
Jul.14   Sudan   President charged with genocide
  The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has filed charges against Omar Hassan al-Bashir for a campaign of violence in Darfur
 Luis Moreno-Ocampo told judges at The Hague that al-Bashir bore criminal responsibility for alleged atrocities committed over the past fiv5e years. The 3-judge panel must now decide whether there are reasonable grounds for an arrest warrant
Jul.9   Darfur Attack kills 7 U.N. peacekeepers
Apr.22   Darfur Darfur deaths 'could be 300,000'  UN head of humanitarian affairs John Holmes: An estimated 300,000 people may have died as a result of the conflict. That is an increase of 50%

year 2007 Top ^

Oct.7   Darfur Army-controlled town razed
  A government-controlled town of Haskanita has been burned down and looted. The town is the home of the peacekeeping base that attacked last week
 The market area had been looted, Just a few civilians had returned in search of food and water
Jul.20   Ivory Coast UN probes 'abuse'
Jun.20   Sierra Leone First S Leone war crimes verdicts

year 2004 Top ^

Apr.21   Darfur UN to warn of Darfur 'atrocities'  Refugees fleeing militias have been the victims of abuses amounted to crimes against humanity

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