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Belgium's former queen Fabiola dies Spain's richest duchess dies aged 88 Sweden's Welsh-born princess dies Cambodia begins Sihanouk funeral Cambodia set for week of mourning Cambodia's ex-King Sihanouk dies  Cambodia's former King Norodom Sihanouk - a revered figure in his country - has died of a heart attack aged 89 Saudi Arabia crown prince buried Crown Prince Nayef dies Albania buries royal pretender Leka Zogu Saudi Arabian heir to throne dies  Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud was King Abdullah's half brother, first in line to the Saudi throne and minister of defence and av... Austria mourns Empire's last heir Turks mourn relative of Ottoman sultan Thais pay respects to princess Former king Zahir Shah dies  Zahir Shah has died at the age of 92 following a long illness. He was deposed in 1973 and went into exile, but returned in 2002 Tongan King Tupou IV dies aged 88 Emir Sheikh Jaber buried Emir dead  Sheik Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, has died, state TV reported. He was the 13th ruler of a 245-year-old dynasty Simple funeral for King Fahd  Muslim leaders and Saudi princes have bid a final farewell before the body was buried in an unmarked grave King Fahd dead  The former Crown Prince Abdullah has been named the new king and Defense Minister has replaced Abdullah Monaco bids farewell to Rainier  The 3 children of the Prince by the actress Grace Kelly have bade farewell to their father at a funeral service Prince Rainier dies, 81  The prince, who had ruled the tiny principality since 1949, died after spending several weeks in hospital Oldest British royal dies at 102 Queen mother dies Thousands mourn death of princess Dutch pay last respects to prince Prince Claus dies Poignant farewell to Queen Mother   The coffin has made its final journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor where she will be laid to rest alongside George VI Crowds honour Queen Mother World salutes Queen Mother   Queen Mother dies  The Queen Mother has died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 101, with her daughter at her bedside Princess Margaret dies Prince named king Francis II, last Holy Roman Emperor, died Map of Vienna Austria
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B. 2016-10-13 Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej Dies at 88
C. 2015-03-22 Richard III remains return to city Leicester, England
2015-01-22 Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
4. 2014-12-05 Belgium's former queen Fabiola dies tuyvenberg Castle, Brussels
5. 2014-11-20 Spain's richest duchess dies aged 88 Seville, Spain
G. 2013-03-10 Sweden's Welsh-born princess dies Sweden
H. 2013-01-31 Cambodia begins Sihanouk funeral Phnom Penh, Cambodia
I. 2012-10-16 Cambodia set for week of mourning Cambodia
J. 2012-10-14 Cambodia's ex-King Sihanouk dies Beijing

Richard III remains return to city Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies Map of Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej Dies at 88 Map of Siriraj Hospital Bangkok Thailand

year 2016 Top ^

Oct.13   Bangkok
  Bhumibol took over after World War II and led Thailand for the past 70 years; he was the modern world's longest-reigning living monarch

year 2015 Top ^

Mar.22   England
Jan.22   Saudi Arabia
  Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died in hospital. He was the fifth of his brothers to take the throne and became king in 2005
 A statement, made early on Friday, said his brother, Salman, had become king. Abdullah, who was said to be aged about 90, had been in hospital for several weeks suffering from a lung infection

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.5   Brussels
Nov.20   Spain

year 2013 Top ^

Mar.10   Sweden
Jan.31   Cambodia

year 2012 Top ^

Oct.16   Cambodia
Oct.14   Beijing
Jun.17   Mecca
Jun.16   Geneva

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.3   Albania
Oct.21   New York
Jul.16   Austria

year 2009 Top ^

Sep.26   Istanbul

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.14   Thailand

year 2007 Top ^

Jul.22   Kabul

year 2006 Top ^

Sep.10   Tonga
Jan.15   Kuwait
Jan.14   Kuwait

year 2005 Top ^

Aug.2   Saudi Arabia
Aug.1   Saudi Arabia
Apr.15   Monaco
Apr.5   Monaco

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.30   England
Mar.20   Netherlands

year 2003 Top ^

Apr.13   Ethiopia

year 2002 Top ^

Oct.15   Netherlands
Oct.6   Netherlands
Apr.9   London
Apr.5   London
Mar.31   England
Mar.30   London
Feb.9   London

year 2001 Top ^

Jun.2   Nepal
Mar. 2, 1835   Austria
  He dissolved the Holy Roman Empire after the decisive defeat at the hands of the First French Empire led by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz
May. 5, 1821   United Kingdom Napoleon Bonaparte died on St. Helena Map of Saint Helena United Kingdom
  He reconciled with the Catholic Church. He died after confession, Extreme Unction and Viaticum in the presence of Father Ange Vignali
Jan. 29, 1820   England Death of George III Map of Windsor Castle Berkshire United Kingdom  King of Great Britain and Ireland until the union of the two countries, after which he was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Aug. 17, 1786   Berlin Frederick the Great died Map of Potsdam Germany  Frederick II was the third Hohenzollern king, reigning over the Kingdom of Prussia from 1740 until 1786 Sep. 5, 1566   Hungary Suleiman the Magnificent died Map of Szigetv%E1r Hungary
  The Caliph of Islam and the tenth and longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1520 to his death in 1566
Jan. 28, 1547   London Death of Henry VIII Map of Palace of Whitehall London United Kingdom  Henry's obesity hastened his death at the age of 55. He allegedly uttered his last words: 'Monks! Monks! Monks!' Mar. 4, 1193   Damascus Sultan Saladin dies  The first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. Saladin led the Muslim opposition to the European Crusaders Jun. 10, 1190   Turkey Frederick Barbarossa drowned Map of Cilicia Turkey  Frederick I was the Holy Roman Emperor from 1155 until his death. He was elected King of Germany Jan. 5, 1066   London King Edward the Confessor died  One of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England and is usually regarded as the last king of the House of Wessex, ruling from 1042 to 1066

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