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  Japan checking 'hostage death' video  Japan says it is seeking to verify a video that claims Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa, held by Islamic State (IS) militants, has been killed Gunman takes hostages in Lindt café Map of Martin Place Sydney Australia
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1. 2016-08-14 Chibok girls: Boko Haram video shows captives Chibok, Nigeria
C. 2016-05-03 Hostages held by Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines make video plea Southern Philippines
D. 2016-04-13 Chibok girls 'shown alive' in Boko Haram video Nigeria
E. 2015-03-01 IS frees 19 abducted Christians Shaddadeh, Northern Syria
F. 2015-01-29 Deadline for possible prisoner swap passes Jordan
6. 2015-01-24 Japan checking 'hostage death' video Tokyo
H. 2015-01-14 Footage shows harrowing scene inside kosher grocery
2014-12-14 Gunman takes hostages in Lindt café
J. 2014-10-17 Boko Haram reach ceasefire deal, kidnapped girls to go free Nigeria

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  Chibok girls: Boko Haram video shows captives   The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram has released a video showing some of the schoolgirls they abducted from the northern town of Chibok Hostages held by Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines make video plea   Chibok girls 'shown alive' in Boko Haram video

year 2016 Top ^

Aug.14   Nigeria
May.3   Southern Philippines
Apr.13   Nigeria
  A video released by the Nigerian Islamist group appears to prove that some of the schoolgirls kidnapped two years ago from the town are still alive

year 2015 Top ^

Mar.1  Northern Syria  IS frees 19 abducted Christians
Jan.29  Jordan  Deadline for possible prisoner swap passes
Jan.24   Tokyo
Jan.14  Paris  Footage shows harrowing scene inside kosher grocery

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.14   Sydney
  At least one gunman has taken several people hostage at a cafe in Sydney. Pictures on TV a black flag with Arabic writing
 3 dead, including gunman, after raid ends Sydney hostage situation. Man Haron Monis, an Iranian also known for sending hate mail to the families of fallen soldiers, was holed up with the captives
Oct.17   Nigeria   Boko Haram reach ceasefire deal, kidnapped girls to go free   Nigeria has reached a ceasefire agreement with the Islamist terror group that includes the release of more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls Jun.9  Northern Nigeria  Boko Haram crisis: '20 women abducted' in north Jun.7  Western Iraq  Iraq university hostages' ordeal ends in Ramadi

year 2013 Top ^

Sep.22   Kenya 'Most' hostages freed after forces launch attack on Al Qaeda-linked militants
Sep.21   Kenya Hostages 'still in Nairobi mall' Jan.20   Algeria Hostage death toll 'rises to 48'

year 2011 Top ^

Dec.1   Pakistan Al-Qaeda says it has US citizen  Al-Qaeda says it has 70-year-old aid expert Warren Weinstein, who was kidnapped by armed men in the Pakistani city nearly four months ago

year 2010 Top ^

Nov.14   Somalia   British pair freed from pirates  Paul, 60, and Rachel Chandler, 56, from Kent, have been released by Somali pirates after being held captive for more than a year Oct.9   Afghanistan UK aid worker killed in Afghanistan  A UK aid worker Linda Norgrove held hostage after being kidnapped in Afghanistan has been killed during a rescue attempt Jan.22   Somalia Hostages: Pirates will kill us in days  A British couple held hostage by pirates for more than 3 months have told of brutal treatment at the hand of their captors

year 2009 Top ^

Aug.7   Iraq Boy survives al Qaeda kidnapping, torture
Jul.29  Nigeria  Captives freed in Nigerian city Jun.21   Iraq Bodies handed to British officials

year 2008 Top ^

Feb.27  London  PM Brown: Hostage video deplorable

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.24   Kashmir Mosque besieged  A standoff in village of Palnu is continuing with three militants holding a pair of hostages. Indian security forces are outside the mosque Aug.18   Kabul German woman kidnapped
  A woman has been kidnapped at gunpoint in the heart of the capital. She works for an international aid organisation Jul.29   Afghanistan Taliban: Hostages will die Monday
Jul.22   Afghanistan Taliban extend deadline for hostages Jul.21   Afghanistan   Taliban: 2 German hostages killed  The Afghan Foreign Ministry said one is still alive and the other died of a heart attack Jul.20   Afghanistan   Taliban threaten abducted South Koreans
  The militants threatened to kill a group of abducted Christians within 24 hours unless S. Korea withdraws its troops from Afghanistan
Jun.28  Colombia  11 lawmaker hostages killed May.29   Baghdad Five Britons seized
  4 bodyguards and a finance expert have been kidnapped from Iraq's finance ministry. The kidnappers wore police uniforms
May.27  Gaza  Official: BBC reporter alive May.25  Nigeria  Foreigners seized Mar.10   Iraq Kidnapping in Iraq aimed at Germans  Militants holding a woman and her son hostage demanded that Germany withdraw its troops from Afghanistan Feb.8   Nigeria Delta Militants hold more hostages

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.14   Baghdad Gunmen in uniforms kidnap 20-30
Nov.19   Baghdad Iraq's deputy health minister kidnapped Nov.18  Baghdad  Video emerges in hunt for hostages Nov.17  Basra  Contractors abducted Nov.14   Baghdad Gunmen grab up to 100 from institute
  The minister of higher education ordered universities closed until security improves
 80 gunmen were clad in Iraqi National Police uniforms and targeted the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Scholarships and Cultural Relations Directorate building. The directorate had a guard force of about 20 -- not enough to resist the abductors
Nov.11  Iraq  Sunnis kill 10 Shiites, kidnap 50 others Oct.22   Iraq Iraqi police recruits killed, kidnapped Oct.15  Rome  Reporter seized in Afghanistan Sep.21  Iraq  Kidnap victims used as bombers Aug.23   Gaza Abduction claim of Fox News journalists  The Holy Jihad Brigades called for the release of Arabs from U.S. jails Jul.31   Baghdad Gunmen kidnap 25 people Jul.12  Iraq  20 bodies found after abductions Jul.4   Baghdad Minister's convoy snatched Jul.3   Gaza Militants' deadline expires Jun.25   Iraq Al Qaeda group killed 4 Russian hostages
  The statement, video on a Web site: the Mujahedeen Shura Council had beheaded 3 of the men and shot 1 to death Jun.21  Iraq  50 workers snatched in bus hijacking Jun.5   Baghdad Police impostors kidnap 50 Jun.3  Baghdad  Russian diplomats ambushed Apr.30  Afghanistan  Indian hostage killed Apr.9  Iraq  New video shows German hostages Mar.14  NiNigeria Delta  U.S. hostage fears for life Mar.10   Iraq FBI: Body of U.S. hostage found  The body of Tom Fox, a Christian peace advocate, has been found Feb.18  Nigeria Delta  9 abducted in Niger delta Feb.9  Gaza  Egyptian diplomat abducted Jan.31  Iraq  Threats in new German hostage tape Jan.22  Iraq  Many abducted Iraqis found dead Jan.21  Colombia  Captive Colombians in Chavez plea Jan.17   Baghdad Journalist's kidnappers make demands

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.29  Iraq  Shias abducted and killed Dec.28  Iraq  French hostage threatened in video  Yemen  German diplomat, family missing Dec.24  Iraq  Video shows Jordanian hostage Dec.16  Ethiopia  UK aid workers held Dec.10  Iraq  Deadline passes; no word on hostages Dec.2  Iraq  Kidnappers threaten to kill peace activists Nov.29   Iraq Video airs of purported hostages
  Al-Jazeera broadcast a video issued by an unknown group showing what it claimed were 4 hostages Oct.25  Darfur  Aid workers 'kidnapped' Oct.9  Darfur  AU peacekeepers seized Jul.21   Baghdad Algerian diplomats kidnapped
Jul.3   Baghdad Egypt ambassador to Iraq kidnapped Jun.19  Australia  Ex-hostage Wood 'feared for life' May.10  Athens  Athens anarchists release hostages May.9  Iraq  Japan vows firm stand on kidnap May.1  Australia  Australia: No hostage negotiations Apr.14  Iraq  Pakistani hostage appears on video Apr.13  Iraq  Video shows U.S. hostage Apr.10   Pakistan Pakistan appeals for envoy's release Feb.16  Iraq  Italian hostage pleads for her life Feb.6  Baghdad  4 Egyptians taken hostage Feb.4  Baghdad  Italian journalist abducted Jan.15  Baghdad  Daughter of Iraqi official kidnapped

year 2004 Top ^

Dec.25  Iraq  Turkey ship owner held hostage Dec.21  Iraq  French journalists freed Nov.10  Baghdad  PM's relatives kidnapped Nov.2  Baghdad  American contractor snatched  Iraq  Captors threaten Hassan handover Nov.1  Iraq  Six kidnapped in Baghdad Oct.31  Afghanistan  Video shows UN hostages Oct.30  Baghdad  Beheaded Japanese hostage found Oct.28   Kabul Foreign poll staff held in Kabul
Oct.27  Iraq  Abducted aid worker seen in video Oct.22  Iraq  CARE worker pleads for her life Sep.27   Iraq   Kidnapped Iranian diplomat freed  Fereidoun Jahani, who was kidnapped in Iraq in early August, arrived at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad Sep.22   Iraq British hostage pleads for life on video Sep.18  Iraq  Group threatens to kill hostages Sep.15  Iraq  Turkish hostage freed Sep.2   North Caucasus School siege: '26 freed' Sep.1  Iraq  Employer: 7 hostages released Aug.29  Iraq  End Headscarf Ban, Hostage Takers Warn Aug.8   Iraq Iranian consul abducted Aug.4  Sunni Triangle  Jordanian hostages freed Jul.24  Iraq  Kidnapping, attempted killing in Baghdad Jul.23   Iraq Militants take Egyptian diplomat hostage  Militants displayed on videotape 8 hostages -- 7 truck drivers and the third-highest Egyptian diplomat in Iraq Jul.16  Gaza  Group frees French hostages Jul.15  Iraq  Egyptian hostage in Iraq faces deadline Jun.26   Iraq 3 Turks 'face beheading' Jun.15   Saudi Arabia Kidnapped American threatened in video Jun.12  Saudi Arabia  Militants claim American kidnapped May.29   Saudi Arabia 50 foreigners held hostage Map of Khobar. Saudi Arabia  Security forces have surrounded an oil company housing compound in the city of Khobar. The gunmen killed 16 people Apr.14  Iraq  Italian hostage is killed

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.15  North Caucasus  Chechen fighters 'seize hostages' Apr.21  Colombia  Gunmen kidnap 8 people in island raid

year 2002 Top ^

Aug.20  Philippines  8 kidnapped on Jolo

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.26   Southern Philippines Hostage crisis
May.26  Philippines  Raiders nab 20 at resort Apr.22  Istanbul  Gunmen took 100 hostages
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